Request for Advice - Totalled '91 200 20V TQ

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Mon Jan 15 22:47:26 EST 2007

That'll teach both of us, as a junior my brother drove my 72 455 T/A 4 spd the the prom, I followed him both ways no issues.  The next year he took my 71 vette roadster, I didn't follow him and it had issues when it came home!
From: PeterBergin at aol.comSubject: Re: Request for Advice - Totalled '91 200 20V TQ Sorry to hear, I know the feeling.  I had just bought a new  Corvette in 1981, had it for two weeks and borrowed to my little brother for his  senior prom, it came back totaled on a flat bed (before I even made the first  payment on it) He was not at fault and at least I was able to get another  one.
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