Request for Advice - Totalled '91 200 20V TQ

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Tue Jan 16 00:39:18 EST 2007


I agree with Peter.  Try to fix it.  Just depends how smitten you most likely are by these damn things!  There are still replacements out there.  Just today saw a possible "parts car" (Silver) parked near Santa Monica Blvd today.  I also consider my Avant irrreplaceable, and two bros that have had same and moved-up " " to Allroads miss the performance of the '91 (Colorado, Minnesota).  Insurance companies work on "comps" and this one is very difficult  - especially the Avant.  I had to fight tooth-and-nail three years ago to get justice from a frontal accident.  OK, now that we have consoled you, have encouraged you to continue your "curator"  tendencies, how much for the chip?  Keith.  San Diego

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91 Avant (Black,188k)
97 A6 (65K)
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> Sorry to hear, I know the feeling.  I had just bought a new  Corvette in 
> 1981, had it for two weeks and borrowed to my little brother for his  senior prom, 
> it came back totaled on a flat bed (before I even made the first  payment on 
> it) He was not at fault and at least I was able to get another  one.
> I consider my 200 Avant irreplaceable, and probably the best car I  will ever 
> own!  Spent all day today replacing the AC aspirator under the  dash, biggest 
> PITA ever.
> I hate to sound like a vulture, however I have a list of parts I am looking  
> for mine.  If you part it out call me first for a list of things
> If you love the car like I do, find out what it would take to fix and even  
> if you have to put a couple of grand into it, assuming it can be made perfect I 
>  would consider fixing it.
> Sorry to here the news
> Pete, 
> 91 avant.
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