Bronze Disributer Gear Group Purchase

CLAG500 at CLAG500 at
Tue Jan 16 07:45:28 EST 2007

OK guys looks like we have a go on this. Pricing if we get 10 or more  
(already have 9) will be 20 pounds which at today's exchange is $39.3352. If we  get 
20 or more orders he will include the shipping which will be 15-20 pounds.  
(for 10 would be 3-4 dollars each if we have only 10. So not too bad.) Should  
end up around $45-$50 to your door. 
I told him I would give him the final count on Monday so if anyone wants  one 
just let me know by then. He will have to order them and that will take 2-3  
To get the group pricing he would like me to handle the collection, payment  
and distribution of the gears. I will need to have payment before he ships. He 
 doesn't need anything to order them. I would like to do all of this via 
paypal.  You paypal me I paypal him. This gives us all some level of security and 
makes  information collection easier. If you would rather pay by other means 
that's  fine as long as I have it by the time the gears ship. (2-3 weeks from 
next mon  approx). 
The seller has 2000+ feedbacks on ebay with a 100% rating.
If you would like to get in on this let me know by next Monday.

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