Coolant Hoses

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I believe some  people have just made their own using an adapter where it changes sizes. Bernie might have done this or I might be thinking about the crankcase breather hose - another expensive hose. 


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Hello Listers,
   I've found a brand spanking new 3b short block for my 200 tqa.  I want to 
make everything as nice as I can when I put it back together but there  is no 
way I can justify $350 for a hose kit or $130 for just the upper hose from  
Blau. Is there anywhere to get this upper hose for reasonable $$? I've found the 
 10v upper hose for I think around $30 and it looks similar. The t-stat 
housing  hose is readily available for $6. 
 I don't understand the outrageous pricing on the upper hose. Looks  like the 
rest of the hoses are just straight sections of hose that can be bought  in 
bulk. I'm thinking about just cutting the stretched parts off but it looks  
like I'd have to lose about 1 1/2 inches from each end.
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