instrument cluster repair

Keith Franchetti skidfranc at
Mon Jan 22 13:55:23 EST 2007

I have two of these bad ICs.  One I bought to replace the bad one.  But it
turned out to be just as bad.  And I've wondered the same thing.  I've
looked at 2 or 3 pretty detailed descriptions of how to fix it myself, and
I've gotten hald geared up to do it, taken the thing partially apart, then
realized I'm in over my head.  So unless I had someone good with electronics
and a soldering iron right over my shouldler, I don't see myself fixing

Bob, what would you charge to fix one of these things?  I was lucky in that
getting the thing out was not hard in my case.  I just don't know how to fix
the damned thing.  It has the bouncing speedo/stopped odometer problem.  The
one I replaced it with the speedo works sometimes, but the blinker arrows
are on all the time and the high beam light is opposite what it should be.

Or maybe I bring the instructions on the link you sent to an audio video
place if I can find one here in Burlington, Vermont.


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