instrument cluster repair

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Bob,  what would you charge to fix one of these things?  I was lucky in  that
getting the thing out was not hard in my case.  I just don't know  how to fix
the damned thing.  It has the bouncing speedo/stopped  odometer problem.  The
one I replaced it with the speedo works  sometimes, but the blinker arrows
are on all the time and the high beam  light is opposite what it should be.

Or maybe I bring the instructions  on the link you sent to an audio video
place if I can find one here in  Burlington, Vermont.

 I don't know if this solder fix will cure the speedo/odo issues, it  will 
cure the blinker/highbeam and other odd IC light issues.
I'd try to find a repair solution in Vermont before sending it to me [I'd  
fix it for $20, plus enough dough to get it back to you, but the IC is  
relatively fragile and I'd just worry a bit about it getting damaged in  transit.] Do 
some searching and you'll find a lot of material to take to a  solder guy. 
I will fix it if you're stuck.

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