instrument cluster repair

Keith Franchetti skidfranc at
Mon Jan 22 14:21:55 EST 2007

Hey, thanks a lot for the input, Bob.  I have found instructions for a
solder job that's supposed to take care of the bouncing needle/odo too.  So
maybe with those two sets of instructions, I can find the right guy and get
it done locally.  But it's nice to know you might be able to do it as a back
up option!


On 1/22/07, Keith Franchetti <skidfranc at> wrote:
> I have two of these bad ICs.  One I bought to replace the bad one.  But it
> turned out to be just as bad.  And I've wondered the same thing.  I've
> looked at 2 or 3 pretty detailed descriptions of how to fix it myself, and
> I've gotten hald geared up to do it, taken the thing partially apart, then
> realized I'm in over my head.  So unless I had someone good with electronics
> and a soldering iron right over my shouldler, I don't see myself fixing
> these.
> Bob, what would you charge to fix one of these things?  I was lucky in
> that getting the thing out was not hard in my case.  I just don't know how
> to fix the damned thing.  It has the bouncing speedo/stopped odometer
> problem.  The one I replaced it with the speedo works sometimes, but the
> blinker arrows are on all the time and the high beam light is opposite what
> it should be.
> Or maybe I bring the instructions on the link you sent to an audio video
> place if I can find one here in Burlington, Vermont.
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