instrument cluster repair, #2 done, helpful (to me!) additional tips

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I have an ic that is missing the speedo or tach but I believe has
everything else intact, I never hooked it up, it's just for parts, if
you are interested in the clock board I could pull it for you......i
could even convert it to 24 hr time like I did to mine. I pulled mine
twice, second time just to change the clock to 24 hr format.....i had
the steering wheel off so I just couldn't resist.   

Fwiw- I believe pulling the wheel is the way to go for this job it makes
it so easy to hook it back up it probably takes about the same amount of
time as not pulling the wheel and taping up the trim and forcing the
thing in there and reaching around etc.

Steering wheel removal is- pull cover behind wheel, disconnect airbag
power wire, remove two torx screws holding airbag, remove airbag wires,
remove nut that holds the wheel,  less than 5 minutes.

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Finishing up my second instrument cluster "surgery". Same as the first
intermittent blinker glowing, high beam indicator screwy etc etc. This
was less intermittent than the last, but one smack on the dash is too
especially when one knows what the problem is.

Couple of tips on top of Phil's excellent instructions...

The green blinker covers tend to fall out when you start reassembly. A
dab of weather-strip adhesive (or something of that sort) on the side
keep them in place.

The rear cover tends to hang up a little bit as it slides onto the pins.
Last IC dissection I got rammy, pushed too hard thinking it was the pins
broke the clock circuit board (don't worry, it aggravates me every time
try to check the non-functioning clock. It must be 5:06 somewhere?) This
time I was much gentler, but I also took the two nuts off and gently
the clock motor assy up and engaged the push rod in the socket.

Another thing, if you're over that 40 mark and can't see worth cr#@ a
magnifying glass and plenty of light (in addition to reading glasses) is
quite helpful.

Happy soldering and be gentle!


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