Engine noise in Gamma Radio

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I cannot comment on a Gamma radio, but I had similar problem that was solved by installing the bypass capacitor on the back of the alternator.  I ordered the capacitor from the Audi dealer, intending to replace a bad one.  But, it turned out that there wasn't a capacitor on the alternator to begin with.  With the new cap in place, the whine disappeared and I had AM radio reception again.  The really odd part is that the radio (first a Blaupunkt put in by a previous owner and later an Alpine that I installed) worked great up until about two years ago.  The whine and poor reception got to the point where I simply gave up on AM reception.  Then, I noticed that when I switched off the ignition temporarily (on the highway or wherever) the whine disappeared and the AM worked fine.  That's when I ordered the capacitor from the dealer.  Martin

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> I wanted to inquire if anyone has experienced a 
> similar situation and how they resolved it. I swapped 
> out my Delta radio from my 91 20020vTQ and replaced it 
> with a Gamma radio from a 95.5 S6. Whenever i turn it 
> on, it generate engine noise (whinning) throughout the 
> car speakers. 
> Main reason for installing the Gamma was to retain the 
> stock look. 
> TIA....... 
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