Coolant Leak

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Wed Jan 24 03:57:05 EST 2007

....and I've got a new afterun pump, replaced after the impellor housing 
self destructed about two years ago.

Not to be a jerk but, let me emphasize that I've found the coolant leak to 
be coming from the front of the engine via the trackmarks of coolant drips, 
and where it's dripping from.  So my question on "any suggestions" was more 
toward does anybody know of any other potential leak sources on the front 
(timing belt side) of the engine that I hadn't already named, and for the 
ones named, has anyone come across an easier than pulling apart the front 
end trouble shooting method.

Derek P

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>Subject: Re: Coolant Leak
>Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 23:27:55 -0700
>I chased a similar mystery on my sedan, the tank level kept dropping at a 
>very slow rate with no sign anywhere of a leak.
>I eventually spotted a small puddle below the afterrun pump.  I swapped in 
>a copper elbow (conveniently leftover from the day the avant peed all over 
>the parking lot at work) and no more dropping coolant level.
>Derek Pulvino wrote:
>>Looks like I've got a slow coolant leak coming from near the front of the 
>>engine.  The couple of culprits I can think of:
>>1.  Thermostat housing and/or hose that attached here.
>>2.  Water pump at either shaft or gasket.
>>3.  Small hose that runs behind rear timing belt cover to turbo.
>>I poked around the other day with a flashlight, and because of all of the 
>>"stuff" in that area, couldn't find the source...though from what I did 
>>see it doesn't look like the leak is coming from the thermostat area.
>>Can anybody think of a connection in this area I may have missed, and does 
>>anyone have any troubleshooting tips short of pulling parts?
>>Derek P
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