Turbo gurus...Help? //Resolved//

Eric Huppert dragracer at netstep.net
Thu Jan 25 07:46:24 EST 2007


After all the spouting off I do... I'm officially here to pronounce myself a
dumb ass!

Yes, my car has the wrong turbo on it. Yes, the exhaust dimensions
internally are large on the K26. But, I was tired, and thrown by the fact
that the car had the wrong turbo, so got a little confused when looking at
the turbo. (Can't even blame it on not wearing my reading glasses, big
enough to see without) The exhaust flange is the factory flange, big and
ugly, but clean... The turbo flanges are the same. It's a self perceived
problem, not real! Good to be whacked out once in a while, really fills in
those gray hairs! haha

So, if I hadn't wasted all this time being concerned and confused I wouldn't
have missed on those ebay 16x8's last night and the job would have been done
by now...

Will be interesting to see the power difference between the two. Thinking it
should spool a little better with the exhaust restriction per Ned Ritchie's
letter on the wiki


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