instrument cluster repair, 24 hr clock.

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an older time lister who was an ee or something, igor kessel, uncovered alot of esoteric wiring things over the years, including this mod.   you can read a post of his on chris millers site,(which i don't have the url handy, but is an easy search). this martini i hoist in honor to those two specific dudes........some guy once said.....if i appear taller it is because i stand on the shoulders of those who have gone b4 me....or something similar........any way, on the clock board there are two gold discs in the circuitry, the one on the top, i think it is printed "24" or something, is nearly bisected, sever the golden bridge and click your heels 3 times and reassemble.  don't do a pussy job of cutting the bridge or circuit flex, via temperature, dashboard pounding etc. may make it revert to that confusing 12 hr format.  godspeed to you in your voyage.......see the link, make the ground wire fix maybe a little caig or stabilant thing you know you will be posting speedo pics @150+ it will look sooooooooo good.

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	> I could even convert it to 24 hr time like I did to mine
	How do you convert to 24 hr? I am thinking of pulling mine out to
	replace a bulb.
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