Time to replace the turbo//Done

Eric Huppert dragracer at netstep.net
Sat Jan 27 09:46:11 EST 2007


Turbo replacement, samco hose install is complete!

My long running dilemma of oil smoke on startup/sometimes in boost is over.

Prior to this I had done valve seals and eventually did a compression check.
As for the compression test, pretty amazing that a 200k plus motor still has
compression like new (low 175, high 190)

Turbo was a major PITA. One exhaust flange nut is very difficult to get a
socket on, there's a dimple in the exhaust down pipe which gives room for a
socket, but then you can't get a extension/swivel or ratchet on. Managed to
use a wobble extension but it took a while, lots of struggling and cursing.
Several of the exh manifold nuts are also difficult to get to. and, not to
forget, new (used) turbo didn't have the exhaust flange studs, had to run
out and use torches to break them loose.

Regardless, oil smoke on startup and under boost is gone! yahoooooo

The other perceived crisis was that a K26 had previously been installed (vs.
a k24). Was hoping for HP improvement with k24 based on wiki info, but none
to be found. Feels a little better down low, but seems like a little less
"grunt" in the upper RPM's. (might just be me!). The chip set install should
take care of that....

Samcos are installed... Was a little concerned with upper hose being so
stiff and exerting pressure on upper intercooler outlet. Seems to alright,
assume hose will take a set with some heat cycles and relax a little bit.
Did get the CT clamps through Napa. Nice product, always had problems with
original and oe style clamps stripping under heavy torque.

Only thing left to do is fix the wire loom behind the exhaust manifold.
Seems that a previous wrench, while replacing rack ran tie rod assy behind
(instead of in front) the large wire loom. Need to pull the assy and move
wire loom back to where it belongs. Chip set should produce a little more
heat in that area!

Was concerned that turbo seal wasn't the original problem, which would have
lead to removing the cyl head... Looks like all is good!


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