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Understand getting them fixed is probably more than a new rim, but don't
believe the A1's are made anymore! Only one bent out of the four...

Thanks, Eric 

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Yea, I wonder too :-)

The place in Elizabeth (not newark) is quite cheap. I gave the address 
and info.

Good work. I have had them do about 8 wheels.  Sometimes entire sets 
that are just slightly imperfect.

On Jan 27, 2007, at 1:11 PM, Taka Mizutani wrote:

> With those wheels, I don't think it's really viable to get them fixed- 
> good
> repair
> will cost far more than the wheels are worth.
> Wheel collision is around $175-200 per wheel.
> The guy local to me is about $140 per wheel.
> Those wheels cost less than the repair, used.
> If you must get them fixed, then there is a place in Newark, NJ and
> a few more local to you, but I can't really help you with names- search
> Audiworld, the places are mentioned all the time. People running 19"
> wheels in NYC seem to have to fix them all the time- I wonder why? :-)
> Taka
> On 1/27/07, Eric Huppert <dragracer at netstep.net> wrote:
>> I'm an hour north of NYC... Tri-state as being in the New York area. 
>> Would
>> prefer another rim, but need to get this fixed  one way or the other
>> soonest. Don't want to ruin a bn blizzak! Rotated the bent one to the
>> rear,
>> so don't notice it now, but problem is....I know it's bad!!!
>> Thanks, Eric
>> Gentlemen,
>> Looking to get a bent rim fixed within the tri-state region... Any
>> suggestions or recommendations? Can't afford to have the car down for 
>> more
>> than a few days as my primary transportation.
>> My recent acquisition of mille miglia A1's with bn blizzaks isn't as 
>> good
>> a
>> deal as i originally thought. I balanced the wheels yesterday as I was
>> feeling a vibration out of the front. Sure enough, one is bent! Don't
>> believe they make these anymore, so isn't like I can just replace
>> easily...
>> Or, anyone got a spare mille miglia a1, 16x7, et38?
>> Eric
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