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Bosch 72150
I believe that Champion Laboratories is the manufacturer of all 
American-made Bosch filters.  If the filter is stamped with "Made in 
U.S.A.", then it is likely a Champion Labs filter.  They seem to make some 
of the German OEM filters as well.  I kept seeing this unit's filter 
cartridge in other units, but this may just be a design copy.
This filter has one of the higher surface areas of the group and has a 
stronger case.  A common theme with these filters is to have the 
anti-drainback valve built into the bottom of the filter cartridge with the 
bypass valve built into the top.  Rather than use a diaphragm-type 
anti-drainback valve, these filters use spring loaded steel valve with a 
nitrile seal.  This is probably the best anti-drainback valve design I have 
seen, but it does take up quite a bit of room inside the cartridge, which 
forces the element pleats to be shallow.  The cartridge is held in place by 
a leaf spring-type spacer.  To make a positive seal to the backplate, a 
rubber o-ring is used at the base of the cartridge.  The backplate has four 
large "D"-shaped holes for the oil inlet.

Average Retail Price$?
Cartridge Length3.950 inches
Cartridge Outside Diameter2.700 inches
Cartridge Inside Diameter1.625 inches
Cartridge Pleats76
Cartridge End Cap TypeStamped steel, with bypass and anti-drainback valves
Anti-Drainback Valve TypeSpring loaded steel, nitrile seal (bottom of 
Bypass Valve TypeSpring loaded steel, nitrile seal (top of cartridge)
Element TypePaper media, glued seam
Element Length74.0 inches
Element Width3.750 inches
Element Surface Area277.5 square inches
Shell Thickness0.014 inches
Backplate Thickness0.118 inches


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This has probably been beaten to death, but, I'm confused about oil filter
part numbers.

What oil filter, Mann, Bosch, whatever you use, is recommended for the 3B

Thank you,

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