Tire fitment 20020V

Eric Huppert dragracer at netstep.net
Tue Jan 30 08:30:48 EST 2007

My recent acquisition of some Mille Miglia (16x7x38et) and tires has
provided me with some unwanted knowledge! 225 55 16's do not fit in the
20V's very well! Was okay until I had a couple of kids in the backseat and
took some turns! Backs rub slightly under suspension compression, fronts
lightly rub on parking lot full turn maneuvers. All is fine with no
passengers though, should I just remove the back seat :o)

Hoping to sell tires to help offset cost of some new ones!!

Question is.... Has anyone successfully fitted 215 55 16s? Will go for all
seasons, have looked at the specs for 225 50 16's, they're a bit shorter
than the OE 215 60 15's and the 215 55's...  ET on the new rims shouldn't
create much of a issue as they're narrower (7") and rim should end up about
the same.,, or inboard a touch more than OE. Lots of room between steering
arm and tire.

215 55 16? Thoughts, BTDT's?


Oh, and one of the rims is bent too! ARGH!

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