Oil filter confusion

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Tue Jan 30 11:48:21 EST 2007

> This has probably been beaten to death, but, I'm confused about oil filter
> part numbers.
> What oil filter, Mann, Bosch, whatever you use, is recommended for the 3B
> engine?

Mann, Mahle, Mobil1, or Purolator's middle-line filter (they have an
economy, medium, and "high end" filter.)  The high end filter has a finer
filter medium, but this could cause lower oil pressures.

It's really not that critical- just don't buy the cheapest, as you'll end
up with a thin casing, cardboard holding a tiny element together, etc.

Also, it's not especially critical to the extent that you need a specific
part number. Most of the 5 cylinder Audis take the same filter now that
Audi has simplified its parts catalog.


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