Tire fitment 20020V

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 12:50:48 EST 2007

I'm running that size on my Avant right now.  They're on 16x8 et35
wheels from an A6 4.2 (the winter or "all-season" package wheels)
which are a tad too wide for them, so I would think they'd be perfect
on your wheels.


On 1/30/07, Eric Huppert <dragracer at netstep.net> wrote:
> My recent acquisition of some Mille Miglia (16x7x38et) and tires has
> provided me with some unwanted knowledge! 225 55 16's do not fit in the
> 20V's very well! Was okay until I had a couple of kids in the backseat and
> took some turns! Backs rub slightly under suspension compression, fronts
> lightly rub on parking lot full turn maneuvers. All is fine with no
> passengers though, should I just remove the back seat :o)
> Hoping to sell tires to help offset cost of some new ones!!
> Question is.... Has anyone successfully fitted 215 55 16s? Will go for all
> seasons, have looked at the specs for 225 50 16's, they're a bit shorter
> than the OE 215 60 15's and the 215 55's...  ET on the new rims shouldn't
> create much of a issue as they're narrower (7") and rim should end up about
> the same.,, or inboard a touch more than OE. Lots of room between steering
> arm and tire.
> 215 55 16? Thoughts, BTDT's?
> Eric
> Oh, and one of the rims is bent too! ARGH!
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