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Ed Kellock ekellock at
Wed Jan 31 13:56:52 EST 2007

I have replaced the aspirator in my V8.  I had the dash top off
already because that is the only way to remove the IC on a V8.  With
the dash top off, it was a breeze to do the aspirator.

Is it very difficult to remove the dash top on a 200?  On the V8 it's
about 8 or 10 screws and gently firm tug.


On 1/31/07, PeterBergin at <PeterBergin at> wrote:
> Matt, replacing the aspirator is a real PITA!  It runs when ever the  heater
> controls are on. Mine started going bad by an occasional squeal on cold
> mornings which dulled to a rattling noise after the car warmed up.  Finally  it
> turned into a full time squeal that was louder than the radio turned  up.  I
> bought the part at SJM for around $50, (you will need to remove the  connector
> from the old motor, remove the one from the new motor and solder the  wires so
> the stock harness plug will work.  Follow the instructions in the  Bentley (not
> real clear) and some help from the SJM site, I think the SJM  pictures are off
> a 5000 and the 200 is different.
> The fan sucks air through the small vent on top the dash over a sensor that
> controls the climate control interior settings.  You can test that air is
> moving through the opening by placing a very thin tissue on the vent to see if
> it sticks (fan running).
> The quick version on replacing is as follows:
> Remove instrument cluster, glove box and wood dash trim.  Remove  right side
> dash speaker (I have an Avant).
> Remove the hose from the right side dash vent hose, the screw is deep  under
> the speaker (good to used magnetic screw driver).
> There is a metal plate that holds the aspirator, the cruise control  brain
> box etc, mounted vertically behind the metal recessed area above the glove  box
> (behind where the wood trim was). You will see the 4 small hex screws in  that
> recessed opening, remove them to free the plate.
> I laid inverted on the passenger seat (if I did it again I would remove the
> seat for easier access), push the air hose from the vent out of the way,
> blindly remove the connectors to everything on the metal plate, slide the hose  (4
> of 5 inches long) off the nipple on the aspirator motor that goes to the
> sensor/dash vent off.
> Remove the plat from behind the dash and the old aspirator motor, do the
> plug/solder connection and put everything back together.
> If you IC need work, may as well do it at the same time.  You do not  need to
> remove the dash cover.
> If you need more explicit directions drop me another E-mail.  I think  I
> remembered everything.
> Plan on spending the better part of a day on this job.
> While I was in there I fixed my AC recirclelation flap and cleaned a thick
> layer of crud off the AC condensor (it had a thick mat of crud and leaves on
> it), got much better air flow after words.
> Good Luck
> Pete, 91 Avant
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