Boost leak located.....need part #......

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You mean the hose that's #22 in the illustration at
  That's part # 034 133 649C.  I bought one of those several years ago when I replaced all the rubber plumbing in my engine compartment.  Can't recall the price now.  World Impex claims to have it for about $45.

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  I'm not sure what it is called, but it looks like $$$ to me. ( like the upper rad hose or Crankcase breather hose) I did seal off a leak in the michelin man hose a few years back by cleaning it thorougly and then wrapping it in black electrical tape followed by duct tape. It held boost fine until the new hose came and I still carry it as a spare.


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Hey all,

Finally located a boost leak that's been haunting me for a few's the hose between the intake tube and the ISV and the throttle body, at the rear top of the motor. It's about 2-3 inches long, and has three holes......two larger diameter between the intake and the throttle body, and one smaller that leads to the ISV. Any part #'s, proper name, sources, $'s, and such would be much appreciated. It's probably called something simple, like the "throttle body hose" and is dealer only for many $'s, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment. Thanks!

BTW, anyone ever had any luck with sealing an intake hose leak with some rubber bonding adhesive, like a Shoo Goo or Rubber Raft glue, even for a temporary fix? I'm tempted, especially if it's a high dollar dealer only part, but don't want to screw anything up. Any BTDT, or reasons why I shouldn't try it on this one? 

Thank in advance....

Jim Fleischer
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