Another leak.....this time oil pan.....

Jim Fleischer jim at
Thu Jul 5 18:33:18 EDT 2007

Hey guys,

After running around the engine bay after a good clean and oil change, tracked down what I hope is my oil leak.  Found two missing oil pan bolts, and three loose ones in the same area.  Tightened up the three loose ones for the time being, and wonder what to do next?  Replace the two that are missing, torque everything down and hope for the best?  Replace the oil pan gasket when I replace the bolts?  Try one, and if that doesn't work, then go all the way?  BTW, a part # for the oil pan bolts if anyone has a minute, and once again, are they dealer only?  Thanks a bunch!

Best regards,

Jim Fleischer
'91 200 TQ
'95 S6 avant
'83 ur

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