Oil in Intake Tube connector hose

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 8 12:18:04 EDT 2007

In a similar vein, can somebody remind me which turbo is used on  
these cars.  I can't remember if it's a K24 or K26.  I'm looking at a  
swap for newer/fresher model.  Also, was it used on any other I5  
engines from which it would be plug and play?

Got around to doing some troubleshooting the other day, and not only  
do I find the car smokes alot on startup after sitting for a week to  
two weeks, but that in that same time frame, quite a bit of oil  
accumulates in the lower hose that runs from the turbo outlet to the  
intercooler inlet.  When I pulled that hose off and got rid of the  
oil, didn't have smokey startup.

I also had oil in the "Michelin Man" hose, but agree that is a common  

Derek P

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> I am taking my Throttle Body out and when I removed the connector hose
> in the front that connects to the Intake Tube I found fresh oil.  Is
> this a big problem for 202K and a stock turbo?  Oil usage has been  
> minor
> up to this point.
> Also, what the heck kind of T30 torx bit do I need for the bottom two
> bolts on the throttle body?  There is not enough clearance for my  
> normal
> bit.  It looks like a hardware store trip is in order.  Thanks for any
> help.
> Tom

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