Question regarding UFO brakes

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Mon Jul 9 12:51:54 EDT 2007


You didn't mention removing or moving the caliper.  I've never worked
on UFO brakes before, but the caliper is clamped onto the rotor so if
you haven't removed the caliper then I don't think you are going to be
able to get the rotor off.  It's just like a regular brake setup,
assuming you are familiar with that, but the caliper is on the inside
of the rotor ring "facing out" instead of clamped on the outside.
Just as you typically wouldn't be able to get the rotor off without
removing or pivoting away a conventional caliper, you won't be able to
do it with the UFO setup AFAIK.

I would imagine that the outboard pad is trapped between the caliper
on the inside and the rotor "donut" on the outside, so the caliper
needs to come off to get to that pad.  I now have a UFO'ed 200q20v in
addition to a second G60'ed one, so I may get some more exposure in
this area, maybe soon.



Kevin Rufino <krufino at> wrote:
> This may be a dumb question, but is there any trick to removing the UFO
> rotors?  This is the first UFO brake job for me.  I got the inboard pad
> off with little trouble, then removed to screw from the rotor; but could
> not get the rotor off.  Are you just supposed to be able to pull the
> rotor off?  I haven't had a chance to pick up a Bentley, so I was
> following the brake section from It really felt like
> I was missing a step.  No matter how much I wiggled and pulled, the
> rotor did not seem to want to clear the lip of the hub.  It also did not
> help that I was attempting this from the not really level parking lot of
> my apartment complex.  If anyone would shed some light on this, I would
> greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.
> Kevin

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