Oil in Intake Tube connector hose

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You are correct.  The torx worked fine but the allen head worked better.
After some judicious use of an allen wrench and a vise grip the throttle
body is out.  Thanks for your help


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All the bolts on the throttle body are ALLEN bolts...or at least they
be. They're all the same size so whatever you used for the top will work
the bottom. I usually have to use a regular old allen key for one of
them as 
my allen socket won't quite fit.

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>I am taking my Throttle Body out and when I removed the connector hose
> in the front that connects to the Intake Tube I found fresh oil.  Is
> this a big problem for 202K and a stock turbo?  Oil usage has been
> up to this point.
> Also, what the heck kind of T30 torx bit do I need for the bottom two
> bolts on the throttle body?  There is not enough clearance for my
> bit.  It looks like a hardware store trip is in order.  Thanks for any
> help.
> Tom
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