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Kevin Rufino krufino at
Mon Jul 9 19:20:16 EDT 2007

I got the piston partially retracted, though I did not try to get it 
fully retracted.  The reason that I say that the carrier is seized is 
because the inboard pad is basically down to nothing (just like both 
pads on the driver's side), but the outboard pad is barely worn.  So, I 
believe the piston is working and the carrier is not.

Bernie Benz wrote:
> Kev,
> Is the piston fully retracted within the caliper? Not likely that 
> caliper slide pins are frozen, I’ve never seen such, but if so just 
> pry the caliper in the direction needed to remove the rotor. Should 
> just wiggle out.
> Bernie
> On Jul 9, 2007, at 11:41 AM, krufino1 at wrote:
>> After some thought, and speaking with a friend, I believe that the 
>> carrier slides may be seized.  Does anyone know if it is possible to 
>> unbolt the caliper, without fully removing the rotor, and remove 
>> everything as more or less one assembly?  Or does the rotor need to 
>> be removed in order to gain access to all of the caliper bolts?  I 
>> kind of dread the idea of having to possibly cut the carrier off.
>> Kevin
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>> From: Bernie Benz <b.benz at>
>>> Ken,
>>> IMO, bad advice, based upon a WAG and no BTDT is worse than no
>>> advice!  You are wrong In your suposition!
>>> Kevin stated that he had easily removed the inner pad and loosened
>>> the UFO rotor from the hub, but didn’t have enough wiggle room to get
>>> the rotor off the hub and up out of the caliper. This may be the case
>>> if the pads are well worn and the piston extended. One should return
>>> the piston into its bore before trying to remove the rotor. Further
>>> to your suggestion, it is probably impossible to remove the caliper
>>> without first removing the rotor!
>>> Bernie
>>> On Jul 9, 2007, at 9:51 AM, Kenneth Keith wrote:
>>>> Kevin,
>>>> You didn't mention removing or moving the caliper.  I've never worked
>>>> on UFO brakes before, but the caliper is clamped onto the rotor so if
>>>> you haven't removed the caliper then I don't think you are going to be
>>>> able to get the rotor off.  It's just like a regular brake setup,
>>>> assuming you are familiar with that, but the caliper is on the inside
>>>> of the rotor ring "facing out" instead of clamped on the outside.
>>>> Just as you typically wouldn't be able to get the rotor off without
>>>> removing or pivoting away a conventional caliper, you won't be able to
>>>> do it with the UFO setup AFAIK.
>>>> I would imagine that the outboard pad is trapped between the caliper
>>>> on the inside and the rotor "donut" on the outside, so the caliper
>>>> needs to come off to get to that pad.  I now have a UFO'ed 200q20v in
>>>> addition to a second G60'ed one, so I may get some more exposure in
>>>> this area, maybe soon.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Kenneth
>>>> Kevin Rufino <krufino at> wrote:
>>>>> This may be a dumb question, but is there any trick to removing
>>>>> the UFO
>>>>> rotors?  This is the first UFO brake job for me.  I got the
>>>>> inboard pad
>>>>> off with little trouble, then removed to screw from the rotor; but
>>>>> could
>>>>> not get the rotor off.  Are you just supposed to be able to pull the
>>>>> rotor off?  I haven't had a chance to pick up a Bentley, so I was
>>>>> following the brake section from It really
>>>>> felt like
>>>>> I was missing a step.  No matter how much I wiggled and pulled, the
>>>>> rotor did not seem to want to clear the lip of the hub.  It also
>>>>> did not
>>>>> help that I was attempting this from the not really level parking
>>>>> lot of
>>>>> my apartment complex.  If anyone would shed some light on this, I
>>>>> would
>>>>> greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.
>>>>> Kevin
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