Question regarding UFO brakes

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Tue Jul 10 11:09:30 EDT 2007


Even with pads fully retracted, it can still be a problem to get the disk off,
especially if it has a groove.  I have seen the instructions - don't recall
where, but they indicate on installing a new pad, it is necessary to cut a
bevel out of the side and some pads come this way from the factory.


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> Brute force and a bit of conniving with a hammer/crowbar - I have  
> seen some
> instructions showing to cut the pad edge down at an angle to make  
> assembly
> disassembly easier.  You'll simply have to remove some pad  
> material.  Also
> making sure the calipers are fully retracted may help.
> My recall is everytime I've done this job I run into this problem,  
> so you are
> not alone.
If that's your case, apparently you have never overhauled and  
maintained your brake's hydraulic system.

> Ben

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