Throttle body fix

Thomas Mesich tmesich at
Sun Jul 15 12:59:56 EDT 2007

I just have to say thanks to 034 Motorsport.  Our car had a broken
plastic cam on the throttle body and we had been running in Mcgyver mode
for too long (Fixed with stainless steel wire).  034 has a metal cam for
the throttle body so I sent them my old broken one and got back a new
shiny, bored out one that works great.  The only problem that I had was
that the bolts in the top were a different size and I had to get new
ones.  The car runs great, idles great, and makes wonderful whoosing
sounds under acceleration so I am sure it must be faster.  I just like
to pass along great service when I get it and in this situation I talked
with several different people and they walked me through everything very




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