crankcase breather setup

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Mon Jul 16 02:23:14 EDT 2007

On the 200q20v I recently acquired, the crankcase breather hose is all
disintegrated, which is no surprise.  On my last 200q20v, to avoid
buying the expensive OEM hose, I fabbed up my own version of the stock
setup using various pieces of hoses, pipes, clamps and the spark
arrestor device from the original hose.  This time I'm wondering what
some other options are.

I recall that Bernie Benz has fashioned a homebrew breather hose by
cementing one hose inside another, and it's also been suggested that
the closed loop system be scrapped in favor of a breather tank that
vents to atmosphere to keep the oil vapors out of the combustion
chamber (which acts like a decrease in octane).

What have you folks done?  Just replace the stock hose, or one of the
other solutions?  034 Motorsport offers an adapter that mates via a
hose with the crankcase port, and allows standard fittings to be
adapted from that point on, presumably to an oil breather tank.  There
is also an OEM metal pipe that is intended for the 7A motors, which I
wonder about using for a solution that allows for standard size
cut-to-length hoses to be used for future maintenance.

Also, where's a cheap source for the OEM hose, if any?




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