Need buyer's guide info for 200q20v

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Wed Jul 18 14:52:26 EDT 2007

Hi all,

i might be taking a look at a 200q20v this week. what
should i keep an eye out for?

from what i know, it has about 100K on the clock,
recent clutch, timing belt and a boost leak was fixed.
it also has the front brake conversion.

he said everything works, including the a/c, heated
seats, windows, lock and all the usual electrical

he said the back cylinder was 8psi down and the others
measure as new. is this acceptable for a car of this

he has all the records from himself and the original
owner too. the struts are worn though.

are the engine, turbo and tranny good for 200k+ if
well cared for?

the car is priced under $4,000 and i think i have some
wiggle room there.

bottom line is what else should i look for and
assuming it's in decent condition, can this car still
do my 17,000 miles/year in commuting/traveling?

I'm cool if it costs about $500-$600/year in
maintenance, but it must be relatively reliable.

other than replacing the springs and struts, I'm not
going to mod it.


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