Need buyer's guide info for 200q20v

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Wed Jul 18 16:06:55 EDT 2007

Thanks Kneale,

does Audi still make the majority of the replacement
parts for the car or is it getting sorta like my Ford
Taurus SHO where Ford stopped making virtually
everything. I'm left to rebuilds (fine by me) and used

how much is a rebuilt starter and alternator? what
about a new radiator?

you had to replace the fuel tank and fuel lines? why,
do you live back east or something? or replacing the
fuel tank normal?

I'm not a DIY sorta guy, but surround myself with
friends who can. sounds like the 200q20v is still a
usable daily driver. i understand it's not reliable
like a new car, but my 92 Taurus SHO with 180,000
miles is not viewed as the last bastion of reliability
either. and I've made do with it for 8 years and
120,000 miles.

see ya,

--- Kneale Brownson <knealeski at> wrote:

> These were the last models in the original design,
> so many issues with earlier cars were worked out.
>   My 200q20v sedan currently has 275K miles.  We
> just completed a 1500-mile trip.  
>   The only times I've been stranded by this car were
> once the starter died, but a pull got the car going
> again so I could get it to my shop, and twice in
> about 10 years of ownership the alternator has run
> out of regulator brush material and quit working. 
> I'm going to repeat the timing belt replacement
> soon, and I'll include refurbishing the alternator
> as part of my next timing belt (at around 330K
> miles).  
>   I've had to replace a fuel tank, replace fuel
> lines, replace brake lines, replace the radiators
> and all the plumbing, and I really need to redo all
> the suspension bushings front and rear.  Otherwise
> it's been lubes, tires and a few other bits like
> rewiring the driver door.  There's always little
> problems and some parts are becoming NLA items, but
> most of the time there are workarounds and used
> parts.
> robert weinberg <centaurus3200 at> wrote:
> are the engine, turbo and tranny good for 200k+ if
> well cared for?

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