Need buyer's guide info for 200q20v

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Thu Jul 19 19:38:31 EDT 2007

Thanks Eric!

yeah, Ken, Matt20V and myself are going to check it
out this weekend. the guys are awesome to help me out.

the owner sounds on the young side. probably early
20's. sounds nice enough, but we'll check for the
usual including evidence of red line drag launches.
these kids today :-)

if it works out, I'll get it and keep my 1992 Ford
Taurus SHO for now. if any of you guys went to that
audiworld bay area drive to alice's restaurant might
remember it. it's the big silver whale with the 18"
graphite colored rims. put down 211HP to the front
wheels on a dynojet 248C, so it's healthy too (about
250 crank HP). I'm just getting bored with it as i
bought it in march of 1999. compression's still good,
but at 178,000 miles on the clock, I'm ready to try
something else.

see ya,

--- Eric Huppert <ehuppert at> wrote:

> Robby,
> 100k is just barely broken in! 8 lb difference in
> one cyl is nothing to
> worry about!
> Numerous things can, and do, go "wrong" with these
> cars. Preventive
> maintenance and fixing problems as they arise should
> let the car live to
> 300k plus! Most of the repairs needed are "genetic"
> to this model, chances
> are that whatever problems arise, someone has BTDT
> and can provide some
> expertise. Be forewarned, parts are pricey, but good
> parts and a job done
> correctly narrows down the potential problem areas.
> In my experience it
> normally takes me about six months to sort out all
> the issues on my "new"
> Audis. As someone else stated, there's a whole bunch
> of Audi enthusiast
> sites that can ease the pain   :o)
> One thing to check (in addition to other
> suggestions) is the steering
> system. Steering rack boots disintegrate over time
> which allows dirt, muck
> etc to work it's way into the seals (leading to
> pentosin leaks). Also check
> the steering hoses/lines for seepage.
> As for commuting... I was driving apx 30k a year for
> the last ten years. On
> my third type 44 and I'm a "believer". Driven a lot
> of cars (rentals for
> work) and I'm always amazed at how well my "old" car
> rates against newer
> vehicles (Excepting S class Mercedes and A8's!) The
> type 44's are roomy and
> are a very decent highway cruiser!
> Good luck,
> Eric
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