Need buyer's guide info for 200q20v

George sidman at
Fri Jul 20 14:12:48 EDT 2007

100K miles is indeed just the break-in period - unless the car has been
thrashed. I made it to the Alice's Restaurant gathering just as everyone was
leaving, so I doubt we connected.  

I have driven a 200 20vt Avant since new - bought at Christmas 1990 - and
with 307,000 miles it is going strong. I have had almost all the usual
gremlins and goblins to fix, but I have never tracked, chiped or wrecked the
car. It is an entirely different and preferable ride than my allroad and I
keep it exercised on weekends, etc. I would have no trepidation regarding
taking it on a major road trip. Parts are available from both new and old
sources, so I intend to keep it running indefinitely.  

You can see it at
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