Help with removing the shift lever

Thomas Mesich tmesich at
Sat Jul 21 16:57:50 EDT 2007

I am in the middle of installing a short shift kit for my '91.  I failed
at getting the consoles out of course.  Is it really possible to get the
end of the hand brake off?  I see the tab on the underside but there is
no indication that the handle wants to move at all.  As always in these
projects, I just don't know how hard to crank on something before it
breaks.  Anyway, I am up to the point of removing the shift lever but
what I see does not seem to match with what is in the instructions.  The
instructions talk about a retaining ring and Bentley shows a retaining
ring but I don't see one.  The instructions also talk about a black
rubber retainer and I see no such thing.  What I see is the plastic ball
on the end of the shift lever held in by some white plastic  clip.  This
clip has slits on both sides that open up a little when the shifter
moves.  I pried at the plastic a bit but could not get underneath
anything.  Can anyone point me to more definitive instructions, maybe
with pictures, or just give me some third grade level directions so I
can figure them out?  I just don't want to pry with too much force in
the wrong place.  Thanks for any help.



Elk River, MN


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