Need buyer's guide info for 200q20v - UPDATE!

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Sat Jul 21 23:10:22 EDT 2007

Thanks to Matt and Ken for coming out with me to see
the car!

well, the endeavor was quite surreal and lame at the
same time :-)


we actually think he was in the house and afraid to
come out. reason being i talked with him on Friday and
said two Audi 200q20v fans were coming with me. he
sounded very nervous for some reason.

the car was unlocked and the windows rolled down. so,
we just popped the hood and checked it out.

I'll probably get a lot of the description wrong, but
here goes. first off the hose for the waste gate was
disconnected and there was a crap load of heat shield
tape over the turbo piping with a big sheet of heat
shielding just resting over the apex-i cone filter.
which was just flopping around resting in the engine
bay. we assume the tape was to keep the filter from
getting heat soaked by the turbo.

the engine had a fair amount of oil on it and the
underside was just CAKED with oil. most likely a bad
main seal or oil pan seal. at best, a bad oil pressure

Matt went around back and stuck his finger in the tail
pipe. thick black soot came out. so, definitely
running rich and probably a fair amount of oil blow

on the bright side the body is pretty straight and the
paint looked nice. the interior was sharp as well. he
had some slick mods with the 034 EFI down pipe and
exhaust and 034 clutch. it also had euro headlights
and a hella trunk spoiler

my parents were in town so my dad came along who's
very knowledgeable about cars. he said wisely that
being the kid said the mods were recent and the tires
were near new, he's probably trying to unload it
because the tags expire at the end of July and
probably won't pass smog.

listen, i was still interested in the car, but the guy
NEVER showed up, nor answered his phone. we repeatedly
rapped on the door, which was open with the security
door in front. his dog was barking up a storm too.

just flat out weird. does the kid want to sell the
thing or not? if not, then don't waste my time or my
friends! if he's afraid of Ken and Matt, then come
clean and i might have still bought the car.

just a totally ridiculous adventure. still haven't
heard from the guy. meeting Ken and Matt was awesome
and i do like the 200q20v. lots of slick sexy features
but being a really clean one is about $6,000, shy jerk
off with a questionable car from a shady owner?

see ya,

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