Koni strut insert failure.

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Sat Jun 2 16:28:23 EDT 2007

Adam, I forgot to change your inappropriate subject, so am resending.


I believe that you have the wrong diagnosis of the cause of your  
problem, and that your strut top thrust bearing is OK and was not  
involved the failure.Your failure must have been the strut mounting  
isolator in which its center steel spacer was torn from the rubber  
isolator and forced up with the strut rod into your hood. The root  
problem being a failed Koni shock insert.

I have known Koni shocks (not Audi, but late ‘70s Lancia versions) to  
freeze, with an immoveable rod. In those days I was into overhauling  
both these Konis and the stock Lancia strut inserts. The frozen rod  
failure mode was caused by the disintegration of an internal  
polyurethane rebound limiting stop washer, the particles of which had  
plugged the piston ports and valving.  A poor materials selection on  
Koni’s part.

Inspect your insert for this condition and return it under their  
lifetime gaurentee, if you still have the receipt.


On Jun 2, 2007, at 10:54 AM, Adam Gratz wrote:

> Hello all-
> Heads up. If running stiff strut inserts, ie. Koni sports with stock
> springs, take a peek at your strut top bushings. Mine were replaced  
> with the
> shocks 60K ago. Yesterday the passengers broke and the tip of the  
> shock came
> up, leaving a nice puka in the hood.
> crap...
> Has anyone else been so lucky?
> Aloha,
> doc-
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> exhaust
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