K-24 turbo differences

Rbade12 at aol.com Rbade12 at aol.com
Mon Jun 4 16:56:03 EDT 2007

I recently acquired a K-24 turbo. I thought all K-24's were the same.  As 
many, if not most, of you know they aren't. The difference between the one I  
acquired and the one presently on the car appear to be with the cold side only.  
Mine has an adapter for the wastegate frequency valve, the acquired version 
does  not, my present ouput is oriented what appears to be 90 degrees  
counter-clockwise from the one I acquired. So, my questions are, can I tap the  cold 
side for the WFV adapter [there is a flat spot in the proper  location] and can 
I rotate the cold side 90 degrees so it's aimed  correctly? Does anyone have 
knowledge of differences I can't see, or any other  info? Thanks, Bob

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