Parking Brake Lube in Caliper

michael mdearing at
Mon Jun 11 12:00:24 EDT 2007

Does anyone recall the site of the pages with images that tell how to  
lube the parking brake cable travel in the caliper?

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> Has anybody else had a problem getting to the Chris Miller 200-page?
> Just tried to go there today and aol said it's no longer there.
> If Chris has decided to retire it, I guess that makes sense seeing
> how long he's been out of the 200-world now.
> In other new, finally settled on a new(er) car.  Picked up a 99 A4
> with 63k on the clock.  Just a little bit different driving
> experience than the old 200...which I think may make it's way to the
> market before too much longer.
> Derek P

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