WGFV port on turbo

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Tue Jun 12 11:15:38 EDT 2007

I just got my avant (2C20VTQ) back together after replacing clutch, flywheel,
PP and the release bearing that had disintegrated taking out the flywheel
sensor.  I did a lot of maintenance and cleanup including timing belt and
water pump.  During all this I installed a T3/K26 turbo I got from Javad some
time ago that was removed from my '87 5ktqa that had been in an accident.


This turbo has no port on the turbo that the K24 had.  This port went to the
wastegate frequency valve.  So I blocked the line off.  I am wondering if
having this port is necessary - didn't use it on the 5ktq that had similar one
for the K26, and never had a problem.  Now the car bogs down on acceleration
during the test drive, but I don't see how this port could have anything to do
with that.  If I can get away without installing a port in the turbo, is there
a "best" alternative to connect the line to - like some vacuum port on the
throttle body.  It seems this port on the turbo induces vacuum proportional to
the turbo rpm.


Also, I needed to remove the air intake box because of clearance issues with
an oil line to the turbo.  I plan to make a nice replacement box, but
wondering if this has anything to do with the problem.  Perhaps the car just
needs to clear its throat after all the work.  Many hoses were removed and
cleaned, so there may be some residual water in some and in the intercooler.

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