The time has come for me to move on...

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Tue Jun 19 13:11:56 EDT 2007

Seems to come in waves with these cars as I too am looking at moving on from 
mine as well...but it keeps hanging on, or more accurately I keep hanging on 
to it until I get all the projects on this and the other done.  Not quite 
9-years, but not far behind at 8.

But agreed, good to have had you around here, and it's been a good learning 

Derek P

'91 200tq20v, 242k
'99 A4 V6, 5-speed, Sport Package, 65k

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Wow, "9 years of 200 ownership" has a familiar ring (or 4
rings?) my own 9th-year of '91 200q ownership just rolled by a
couple of months ago.  I am sorry to see you leave, but things do
change and life goes on. You've been one of the most informative,
helpful and level-headed listers. I believe we met briefly at one of
the Mt Washington Hill Climb get-togethers (remember those good ol'
days?). Good luck with your new(er) rides.


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