MFTS symptoms

Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at
Wed Jun 27 19:49:47 EDT 2007

At 8:58 PM -0700 6/26/07, Steve Scalmanini wrote:
>A/C died  a few months ago and temp readout on the HVAC console started
>reading high (e.g. 102 when it's 90.)  Does this sound like the MFTS or
>something else?
Yes, the MFTS or something else! ;-) As to the MFTS--did your car 
also become unable to reach the proper maximum boost (1.7/1.8 bar) 
during the past few months?? Anyway, if a bad MFTS is causing such 
problems (usually A/C *and* boost), you should just disconnect the 
MFTS and see if normal operation returns. That's the simplest way to 
diagnose, IMHO.


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