Alternator ailments resolved

Kneale Brownson knealeski at
Thu Jun 28 09:50:33 EDT 2007

  I found all the connections "grubby" with corrosion, some of it rusty orange and some that pretty bright green.  But the main issue is that the regulator brushes were fully extended--no more room to travel.  Worn out, in other words.  I'm having the local Bosch repair center renew the bearings, clean out the housing (I found pine needles had worked their way into the housing through the air plumbing) and generally bring it back to "like new".  
  Thanks to all the responders.

Kurt Deschler <desch at> wrote:

I would definitely check the exciter wire at the splice near the RF 
headlight. On both of my T44s, I replaced this with a solid weatherprof
crimp. Also measure voltage on the alternator ans starter posts. One of my 
cars had a large drop across these cables and I ended up replacing the one 
from the alternator to the starter. Cleaning the terminal connections may 
help also.

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