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I'm forwarding the message (below) for Andy.

Also I'm responding to say that Andy's situation might simply be a 
matter of the outside air sensor (behind front grill) needing 
replacement. There are two sensors (one is in the HVAC plenum area) 
and the system  is designed to "ignore" the high(er) reading if there 
are different readings from the two sensors. Actually my experience 
with a front-sensor failure is when it would erroneously reported an 
insanely *low* outside temp (e.g., well below zero in mid-summer) in 
which case the A/C compressor will become inoperative. I don't know 
if an erroneous sensor value that's "too high" will cause A/C (or any 
other) problems. BTW, how "high" _is_ it, Andy?


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>My outside temp reading has been high ever since I bought the car a 
>few years ago (probably longer).  The A/C was not working at the 
>time of purchase.  I recently had the A/C refurbished (at great 
>expense) and the outside temp readout is still high (insert joke 
>here).  I don't know if there is any correlation.
>Andy Schor
>'91 Avant 288,585 miles (and cold air blowing from the vents!)

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