Fwd: Hard Start/Timing Issue?

Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 29 14:00:38 EDT 2007

There isn't any adjustment of the distributor body alignment is there?  Is it possible your timing is a tooth or two off from prior timing belt replacement with the worn gear?  Generally, you only use the distributor in timing belt replacement to verify rotor alignment with #1 spark plug.  You're supposed to use the flywheel mark with #1 at TDC, I believe, and the distributor only to make sure you're not 180 degrees off.
  I've had hard starts from old ignition wiring.  Check also that your spark plugs are all torqued to spec.  Maybe that 1.9 burst helped loosen one?
  Another hard HOT start possibility is the age of the ignition reference sender.  A failing one will let the engine start cold and not hot.  Maybe you could squirt some cold water on it next time it won't start hot.  For that matter, the engine speed sender could contribute to your issues too.

>>>Today  it was VERY difficult to
>start (engine is now warm obviously).
>I finally got her fired up by sitting on the key for quite a bit of
>Here's what I think is happening. The longer I turn it over the more
>time the Hall sensor has to help "recalculate" electronic timing for the
>ECU and she fires up and runs great. I "think" that the timing may be
>off just one or two degrees in advance or retard and that rotating the
>distributor body just slightly may solve the problem. Could this also
>be why I saw 1.9BAR?
>I want to know if any of you thinks that this makes sense before diving
>under the hood again OR if you have some other ideas.

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