Hard Start/Timing Issue?

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Fri Jun 29 14:10:41 EDT 2007

Hi Paul,

The Hall sensor has no calc ability, just produces a pulse for the  
ECU. Further, moving the dist does not advance or retard ignition  
timing, it just marginalizes a very narrow window of Hall pulse  
acceptability relative to the ECU‘s flywheel TDC sensort iming.
You should retime your dist relative to the flywheel TDC mark with  
high accuracy. This most likely is your hard starting problem. I'll  
fwd my old dist gear installation instructions, FYI.

Regards, Bernie

On Jun 29, 2007, at 10:28 AM, Peter Schulz wrote:

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>> Subject: Hard Start/Timing Issue?
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>> I just spent way too many hours and suffered multiple lacerations  
>> to my
>> hands replacing the delrin gear on the end of the distributor on our
>> Audi 200 TQW.  The old delrin gear "exploded" right here in town so I
>> had it towed home on the advice of Peter Schulz who had a metal gear
>> sitting on the shelf for me to use and a Dremel tool that he  
>> loaned me
>> in order to get the damn cover off over the UNREMOVEABLE screw  
>> over the
>> hold down bolt.  Thanks much to Peter for his assist.
>> At 10:30PM last night she fired up and I drove it around town to test
>> her out.  It may have "nothing" to do with this issue since the  
>> car is
>> chipped but the factory boost gage came up with 1.9BAR last night  
>> which
>> is something I've NEVER seen in over 50,000 miles (1.8 on a nice cool
>> day under hard acceleration in the right gear and speed has been the
>> max).
>> She started a bit hard, but I figured this might have been due to the
>> multiple attempts at starting her which failed until I got the timing
>> "correct."  Today I went to the auto parts store to get some oil  
>> for the
>> diesel (only $6.50 a quart for Spec 505.1) and it was VERY  
>> difficult to
>> start (engine is now warm obviously).
>> I finally got her fired up by sitting on the key for quite a bit of
>> time.
>> Here's what I think is happening.  The longer I turn it over the more
>> time the Hall sensor has to help "recalculate" electronic timing  
>> for the
>> ECU and she fires up and runs great.  I "think" that the timing  
>> may be
>> off just one or two degrees in advance or retard and that rotating  
>> the
>> distributor body just slightly may solve the problem.  Could this  
>> also
>> be why I saw 1.9BAR?
>> I want to know if any of you thinks that this makes sense before  
>> diving
>> under the hood again OR if you have some other ideas.
>> Thanks in advance for the assist, and please forward to anyone  
>> else you
>> think might know something about this.
>> Paul
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