Decision time....

Peter Schulz pcschulz at
Mon Mar 5 09:27:02 EST 2007

I recently picked up a 1 owner, dealer-serviced 142k mile silver S6 
Avant,  which means that it's time reduce my stable of Audis.

I need to get serious about cleaning up and selling the 1991 Indigo 
Mica/Platinum Wagon, and now need to decide whether to also sell the 
1991 Titan Grey/Platinum Wagon (200k miles, Euro lights, MRC stage 1, 
completely redone suspension (bushings, control arms, Bilstein 
Sports, Eibachs, etc) or the stock 1995.5 Emerald/Ecru S6 Avant (227 
K miles, records back to 1998, recent front strut mounts, pressure 
accumulator, heater core & fan, struts, etc)

Both wagon's bodies are in better than good condition, I'd say at 
least a 7/10...the S6 could use a repaint on it's front bumper and 
touch up on the under headlight trim, the 1991 Grey Wagon has a few 
dings that a Dent Wiz could repair)

I also have a very rare 3rd row seat for the type 44 wagons..

Advice and interest appreciated...


-Peter Schulz
Chelmsford Ma, USA

1995.5 S6 Avant Emerald/Ecru
1995.5 S6 Avant Silver/Platinum

1991 200 20v Q Avant Titan Grey
1991 200 20v Q Avant Indigo Mica (for Sale)
1991 90 20v Q Red

1990 CQ silver  (sold)
1991 CQ silver  (eS2 recipient) 

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