200 20v wobble in wheel

Keith Franchetti skidfranc at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 15:07:58 EST 2007

This really sounds promising.  So I call garage.  They swear any loose
bushing like that would show up on the rack as they are aligning it.  Turns
out they ARE having to replace a tie rod in proces of alignment, but I'm
sure that's irrelavent to my problem.

Is that true though?  Would the rack identify any and all problems with
front end bushings.  I practially begged the guy to check all these bushings
while its up there, but he says they'd have already found them in process of
alignment.  Sound right?


On 3/5/07, Robert Myers <bob at chips-ur-s.com> wrote:
> Sounds like a deteriorated bushing on a front lower control arm.  Feels a
> little like a slightly out of round tire or a slight out of balance
> condition until you hit that sweeper at just the right elevated speed and
> then it's time for clean shorts.  Right?  Lower control arm.  If you do one
> do 'em both.
> At 02:30 PM 3/5/2007, Abe Berman wrote:
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> Can anyone help with this new problem I'm having with my '91 200TQ20V?
> Here are the symptoms:  A little wobble in the steering wheel at low
> speeds, which quickens along with MPH.  At highway speeds in a
> straight line, it's just an annoying vibration--like a bent rim or a
> tire going bad.  But I'm on the bullet proof stock 15"ers.  Could be a
> tire, I guess they are old Hakk 1s, but I've checked the front ones
> out pretty carefully and they look even and good treat still.  Worst
> symptom:  Above, say, 50 mph, maybe less even, take a long curve
> toward the right side--just that certain amount of turn--goes away
> with too much or two little turn of the wheel--but when you hit that
> certain amount of turn at speed, the vibration turns to a rather
> alarming thunking which is fast (corresponding to wheel rotations).
> Sounds and feels like loose lug nuts at that point.  But I've checked!
>  They're all secure.  Reminds me of an inner half axel (inner CV
> joint?) problem I've had twice with a '90 Saab 900.  Thing could all
> of a sudden seem like it was going to shake itself to pieces.  But
> then it would go away for a while.  Would feel like a big chunk of ice
> frozen to one side of inner wheel (which it was once).  But it's not
> that in this case.  In Saab's case though, I don't think it was as
> specific to the amount of turn.  Also, with the current Audi 200
> problem, it's so constant.  Doesn't come and go.  The low-speed wobble
> and the high speed  pretty much always there.  It's in the shop for
> alignment (which it needed anyway--good luck to them, since it doesn't
> have a strut tower bar) anyway, since it has a new tie rod end.  They
> say everything feel tight up front.  They think it could be a strut???
>  I could see that if it's in conjunction with a failing tire maybe.
> Guess I'll switch on my summer wheel/tires to see if that eliminates
> it.  But I'm mainly wondering if anyone has had experience with
> failing half axles/inner CV joints, if if there were similar sympoms.
> Thanks.
> Keith
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