More blink code issues--speed sensor#00513, Control module malfunctioning #65535

Richard E Berlin, Jr. rb at
Tue Mar 6 17:26:51 EST 2007

 A couple  of weeks back, I had Autobahn Performance install a Stromung
exhaust on my  Avant. During a VAG check, they pulled both the above
referenced codes.After  replacing the speed sensor and cleaning gears, teeth
+wiring connections, they  manage to clear the codes. But after several
restarts--always within 24 hours,  the check engine light relights and the
codes re appear.
 Like  Eric Huppert, I am getting frustrated. I wonder if the reprogrammed
ECU on my  Intended Acceleration III+ chip might be the cause? Any ideas
before I contact  Ned Ritchie for some high priced consulting??
 Thanks,  guys.
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