More blink code issues--speed sensor#00513, Control module malfunctioning #65535

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Wed Mar 7 00:01:19 EST 2007

How was the strommung install? Do they bolt right on w/o any modification 
since they are designed for the UrS cars.

BTW, Ned is no longer running IA. Alex Neckas running things now and has for 
at least a couple years I think. I've heard of a few cars that have had the 
CEL suddenly come on right after installing a chip (not sure what brand 
chips though). Most 200 20v's don't have the CEL installed from the factory 
(only California cars?) so many of us are probably running around w/o 
knowing that it would be on. My car doesn't have the CEL so I don't know if 
my light is "on" or not. I just pull codes whenever the car starts to have a 
problem but don't recall ever getting a control module malfunction code. My 
father's car has the CEL installed and it is always on but the car runs 
great w/ the IA III+ software. Solution will be to unplug the bulb next time 
the instrument cluster is out. Alex was not concerned about the CEL being 
after making sure we weren't throwing any goofy codes. I hope you get it 
figured out but I'm thinking you may be destined to unplug the bulb too. 
Does the car run good otherwise?


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> A couple  of weeks back, I had Autobahn Performance install a Stromung
> exhaust on my  Avant. During a VAG check, they pulled both the above
> referenced codes.After  replacing the speed sensor and cleaning gears, 
> teeth
> +wiring connections, they  manage to clear the codes. But after several
> restarts--always within 24 hours,  the check engine light relights and the
> codes re appear.
> Like  Eric Huppert, I am getting frustrated. I wonder if the reprogrammed
> ECU on my  Intended Acceleration III+ chip might be the cause? Any ideas
> before I contact  Ned Ritchie for some high priced consulting??
> Thanks,  guys.
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