More blink code issues--speed sensor#00513, Control module malfunctioning #65535

Eric Huppert ehuppert at
Wed Mar 7 11:19:15 EST 2007


Still have the CEL on mine. Been through everything, tried several different
speed/RPM sensors, went through all grounds and even added two separate

Going to pull chips out and replace with stock (one at a time) and see if
that clears it up. My codes are still 1111 (bad ECU) and I believe 2111 (or
whatever the speed sensor code is) Car runs fine except for a issue above 4k
where I get some slight surging. Guy I bought the chips from is prepared to
help with another set if that's the problem, but ball is in my court to see
if that's indeed the cause. Same as yours, if I clear codes it's alright for
a bit, but then they come back on. If I run diagnostics and go through the
codes the CEL stays off while driving, but upon restart I have them again.

Been waiting for the other 20V I have for sale to vacate the garage so I can
work on the chips! The one for sale is too clean to sit outside, and a PITA
to shuffle cars back and forth in the cold and winter muck.

Will post my findings when I get that far! Hopefully it's the chips as I've
been through EVERYTHING else!


PS: Not real keen on pulling the CEL out, like knowing if something's gone

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