More blink code issues--speed sensor#00513, Control module malfunctioning #65535

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The boost gague is still accurate...sort of. Since the aftermarket chips 
change from a 2.0 bar transducer to a 2.5 transducer you just have to do a 
little math to convert your boost reading in the trip computer to the actual 
boost. The trip computer doesn't know you've changed the transducers and 
doesn't do the conversion for you.

Snip-it from SJM's site about the boost reading....
"The 1991 200TQ 20V Turbos should make 1.8 bar boost with a stock ECU. The 
1992 Audi S4 with overboost mode, should make 2.15 bar with the stock ECU. 
Keep in mind, that the modified ECU's for the 1991 200TQ 20V Turbo engines 
often have changed the internal pressure sensor, from the stock 2.0 bar 
unit, (200kPa), to the higher range 2.5 bar or 3.0 bar unit (250kPa or 
300kPa respectively).

In this case, the reading on the stock boost gauge will read low, and be 
incorrect. If you have changed to the 2.5 bar pressure sensor inside the 
ECU, you will have to multiply the reading on the stock boost gauge by 1.25 
to get the actual boost pressure in the manifold. If you have upgraded to 
the 3.0 bar pressure sensor, you will have to multiply the stock boost gauge 
reading by 1.5 to get the actual boost in the manifold."


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>   I have owned 2-20v's and kept my ecu with Ned's stage III+ in it. Both 
> cars will throw silly codes that don't make the car run badly. The other 
> box had TAP chip. Very similar performance and codes that appear for no 
> apparent reason.
>     I wonder if the IA replaced transducer makes the voltages different 
> and some troubleshooting is no longer accurate. I know the trip computer 
> no longer reports the boost accurately.
>    If it runs well and gets decent mileage, don't fret.
>               Tom  '91 200 20v sedan 90k miles blk/blk
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